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A citybuilding game with a serious message

In Pagotopia players are tasked to build and develop a colorful, small city, "Pagotopia".

Using four different types of construction-tiles the goal is to counteract and balance the three contineously deteriorating values of their society: prosperity, happiness and environment.

Pagotopia was nominated for the Ubisoft Indie Camp 2022! 



Introducing the topic of sustainability in a playful way

The topic of sustainability is still sadly often heavily stigmatized and it's impor-tance notoriously difficult to communicate.

At the core of our game are three values that can be considered pillars to a sustainable society: pros-perity and happiness of the society have to be kept in balance with a healthy environment (nature).

Our goal with Pagotopia is not to lecture players about sustainability or "how to be a better person" - but rather to offer a gentle intro-duction, at eyelevel, to this so important topic.

We aim to invite players to learn and spark a dis-cussion, while having fun playing an easily ac-cessible, colorful game.

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But make it fun!

Learning through intrinsic motivation

Pagotopia is a colorful and lighthearted strategy/puzzle game on the surface, that is supposed to be genuine fun, even when not in a school environment.

Highscores, "easter-eggs" and an appealing design are supposed to engage players - especially youths and children, regardless of their motivation to play.

The reason we put "fun" first, is because we believe that intrinsic motivation leads to better learning- and engagement results. Playing games is inherintly intrinsically motivated. Our goal is to harness this motivation to play games to deliver an important message to our players. 

If Players have fun playing our game, chances are they will try to become better at the game. In order to do so, one has to become familiar with the games mechanics and this is tied to learning about the aforementioned concepts of sustainability.

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