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A citybuilding game with a serious message

In Pagotopia players are tasked to build and develop a colorful, small city, "Pagotopia".

Using four different types of construction-tiles the goal is to counteract and balance the three contineously deteriorating values of their society: prosperity, happiness and environment.


Origami Lovers is about finding your origami friend after stranding on an island. On the way there, you have to overcome obstacles and courses while collecting different abilites that will help you navigate through the level. 

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In Animal Clinic the player controls a healthcare practitioner tasked to care for his/her patients in the animal clinic.
You must help the wandering patient(s) with their smaller needs (like being thirsty or in pain) while also working toward their health-goal (the reason they are in the clinic: in our prototype the rabbit-patient has an injured leg and needs to finish his rehabilitation training & exercise schedule to get home). 

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